Receive a bonus "limited summon ticket" which guarantees a

Tear "Event-Exclusive Mirrage" or "Weapon"!


Event Period

4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM (PDT) ~ 5/2/2018 (Wed) 0:59 AM (PDT)

Mieu's Big Adventure Pick-up Series
With "Tear's Guaranteed Summon Ticket"!

the Mirrogem 10x Summon provides you with a bonus ticket
that guarantees a Tear "Event-Exclusive Mirrage" or "Weapon"!

Plus, Tear and Jade's "Mirrages" and "Weapons"
all get a drop rate boost, and take advantage of the Mirrogem 10x Summon too

to get a ★4 Weapon or Mirrage at least once!

For the 1x Mirrogem Summon,
your first play is half-off at only 100 Mirrogems!

Tear and Jade's new ★4 Weapons will appear!

Don't miss out!

Pick-Up Characters
※"Luke" is not a pick-up character this time.
[Mirrage Arte] Draw a circle using fonic artes and slaughter all enemies within





[Mirrage Arte] Drag enemies into a tear in space-time and mercilessly consign them to oblivion


 《 Notes 》

・Pick-up mirrages and weapons have

 a higher drop rate than

 others with the same rarity.

・In the Mirrogem 10x Summon,

 you are guaranteed to get a "★4 Weapon or Mirrage" at least once in ten tries.

 Plus, as a bonus, you will receive one "Tear's Guaranteed Summon Ticket".

・One "Tear's Guaranteed Summon Ticket" can be obtained for each Mirrogem 10x Summon,

 and cannot be obtained by participating in the Mirrogem 1x Summon 10 times.

・The "Tear's Guaranteed Summon Ticket" can only be used

 during "Tear's Guaranteed Ticket Summon," 

 and the ticket will expire after the event is over.

・Items you've already acquired may appear in this summon.

・For the 1x Mirrogem Summon only, your first summon is half-off at 100 Mirrogems.

 The second spin and on will be full price at 200 Mirrogems.

・The event-exclusive Mirrages and weapons could appear again.

・Shows status and effects after max enhancement.