Jade's "Mirrage" and "Weapon" appear exclusively

during Jade's Guaranteed Ticket Summon, now in session!


Event Period

4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM (PDT) ~ 5/3/2018 (Thu) 0:59 AM (PDT)

At Jade's Guaranteed Ticket Summon,
only Jade's"Event-Exclusive Mirrages" and "Weapons" will appear!

《Newly Added ★4 Weapons》

Jade's Guaranteed Ticket can be obtained
in the *Mieu's Big Adventure Pick-up Series
with "Jade's Guaranteed Summon Ticket" 

as a Bonus!

Limit Boost Jade's new ★4 Weapons available now
to receive Mirrogems!
Plus, Limit Boost to the 3rd/4th stage 
to receive a Jade Guaranteed Summon Ticket!


[Mirrage Arte] Drag enemies into a tear in space-time and mercilessly consign them to oblivion



・Items you've already acquired may appear in this summon.

・The event-exclusive Mirrages and weapons could appear again.

・Shows status and effects after max enhancement.

・"Jade's Guaranteed Summon Ticket" is required

 for a Jade Guaranteed Ticket Summon.