"Mieu's Big Adventure" where you can get "Jade" and "Tear" to join your party

is coming!

By finishing the event missions

in this event sequel,

"Mieu's Big Adventure Pt. 2”,

you can obtain Jade and Tear's Reward Mirrages!




Finish "Mieu's Big Adventure"

to prepare for "Mieu's Big Adventure Pt .2"!



◆Event Period◆

"Mieu's Big Adventure"

4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM (PDT) ~ 5/2/2018 (Wed) 0:59 AM (PDT)


"Mieu's Big Adventure Pt. 2"

4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM (PDT) ~ 5/2/2018 (Wed) 0:59 AM (PDT)


In "Mieu's Big Adventure",

"Jade" and "Tear" join your party!

In "Mieu's Big Adventure Pt. 2",

you can get "Jade" and "Tear's" "Reward Mirrages"!


Event Features


・In "Mieu's Big Adventure Pt. 2", you can get "Reward Mirrages".

・"Jade" and "Tear's" "New ★4 Weapons" are added to the summons.

・New events "Jade Ticket Summon" where you are guaranteed to get Jade's weapons and 

 "Tear Ticket Summon" where you are guaranteed to get Tear's weapons.

・Mission reset for those who have already completed them with rewards made available again.

"Jade's New Outfit: Resort King" added to "Costumes".

 Plus, defeat "Mieu Wolf" in the event quest and 

 "Luke's New Accessory: Huggy Mieu" will drop.


◆Mieu's Big Adventure Synopsis◆

A traveling circus arrives at Sellund.

Luke and Mileena are excited about it

but of course, Ix is a worrywart

and isn't in the mood to go,

scared that an acrobat is going to tumble out of the sky

or the lion will devour someone during the show.
A talking beast was advertised on the flier

which made Luke feel nostalgic about Mieu.
Then, Gareth appears with a request from Gefion

to clear out some monsters.



◆Participating Characters◆


Joins after clearing " Mieu in Danger"
Known as "Jade the Necromancer," Colonel Jade of the Malkuth Imperial Forces is feared by friend and foe alike.

His ingenuity and skill with arte and spear have made him the emperor's right-hand man.

Distant, yet always flashing a smile,

he is an enigma, keeping his true self hidden.


Reward Mirrage

"Fonic Artes-User of Auldrant"

Event Mission

"Complete "The First Beast" (1st)"

Clear to obtain



Joins after clearing " The Mother Liger"
When Tear tries to assassinate Van, Luke's attempt to stop her

ends up teleporting the pair to a distant land.

As a trained soldier, Tear is appalled at how sheltered Luke is,

but she considers it her duty to escort him safely home.


Reward Mirrage

Fonist of Auldrant

Event Mission

"Complete "The Second? Beast" (1st)"

Clear to obtain

《 Notes 》

・To participate in "Mieu's Big Adventure",
 you must clear Chapter 1.

・To participate in "Mieu's Big Adventure Pt. 2",
 you must clear "Mieu's Big Adventure".

・Accessories dropped during the event 
 may drop multiple times, 
 but can only be obtained the first time.

・Characters/weapons which appear during the event
 may appear again.

・During event-exclusive stories, you cannot get AP Orbs.