"Mieu's Big Adventure"

Hint on How to Proceed!

Make use of Anima Sync!

In this event, Anima Sync's effects greatly increase

Luke, Tear, and Jade's parameters!

Make use of the Anima Sync to efficiently get through the quest!


Enemies are weak to Artes!

The enemies that appear in this event are "weak against Artes"!

Take on the quest with characters skilled in the Artes, as well as

Tear and Jade who join during the event!


Arte Materials Drop!

Arte Materials will drop during this event quest!

Water and Wind Materials are easy to get!

Go for drops while you play through the quest!


Defeat Mieu Wolf or get accessories from treasure chests!

Defeat the Mieu Wolf that appears in Mieu's Big Adventure quests

and Luke's accessory "Huggy Mieu" will drop!

If you find Mieu Wolf, take it down!


《 Notes 》

・To participate in "Mieu's Big Adventure",

 you must clear Chapter 1.

・Accessories dropped during the event 

 may drop multiple times, 

 but can only be obtained the first time.

・Characters/weapons which appear during the event

 may appear again.

・During event-exclusive stories, you cannot get AP Orbs.