Edna and Mikleo's "Event-Exclusive Mirrages" will reappear and their hit rate will increase!

Use Mirrogems for 10 spins to get a ★4 Weapon or Mirrage at least once!


Event Period

From 4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM(PDT) ~ 5/2/2018 (Wed) 0:59 AM(PDT)


Play the Mirrogem 10x Summon and you're guaranteed at least one ★4 Weapon or Mirrage!
Also, a ticket guaranteeing Mikleo and Edna's "Mirrages" or "Weapons" will come
a bonus as well!


Also, for the 1x Mirrogem Summon,
your first summon is half off at 100 Mirrogems!

Mirrage Arte: Kindly ask the earth to tidy up the entire battlefield




Mirrage Arte: Exoflect water mana in the form of an aquatic serpent



《 Notes 》

・In the Mirrogem 10x Summon,

    you are guaranteed to get a "★4 Weapon or Mirrage" at least once in ten tries.

    Plus, as a bonus, you will receive one "Mikleo and Edna's Guaranteed Summon Ticket".

・"Mikleo and Edna's Guaranteed Summon Ticket" 

    can only be obtained once per each Mirrogem 10x Summon,

    and cannot be obtained by participating in the Mirrogem 1x Summon 10 times.

・The "Mikleo and Edna's Guaranteed Summon Ticket" can only be used

    during "Mikleo and Edna's Guaranteed Ticket Summon"

    and the ticket will expire after the event is over. 

・Event-exclusive point bonus effects are only active during their corresponding event.

・Please see notifications regarding the corresponding event

    for a list of Mirrages and Weapons with event-exclusive point bonuses.

・Items you've already acquired may appear in this summon.

・For the 1x Mirrogem Summon only, your first summon is half off at 100 Mirrogems.

 The second spin and on will be full price at 200 Mirrogems.

・The event-exclusive Mirrages and weapons could appear again.

・Shows status, effects, and bonus points after max enhancement.