Mint and Arche's Mirrages and Weapons exclusively appear

The Mint and Arche Guaranteed Ticket Summon is now open!


Event Period

2/28/2018 (Wed) 0:00AM(PST) ~ 3/19/2018 (Mon) 0:59AM (PDT)

In the Mint and Arche Guaranteed Ticket Summon,
Mint and Arche's Mirrages and Weapons exclusively appear!

Mint's Mirrages and Weapons

Arche's Mirrages and Weapons

Mint and Arche Guaranteed Tickets
are available from the Spirit Clash — Fire Showdown​ Summon
as a bonus!

※When Arche's Mirrages are acquired, voiced dialogue is played.

A mountain's worth of hammers
clobber the enemy and knock them out

Ride a broom and shoot 'em up,
going for a No Miss Bonus


・This Summon can only be activated with a "Mint and Arche Guaranteed Summon Ticket".

・You can only participate once for each Mint and Arche Guaranteed Summon Ticket.

・You'll be able to get Mint and Arche's Mirrages, ★4 Weapons, or ★3 Weapons from this Summon.

・Items you've already acquired may appear in this Summon.

・Event-exclusive point bonus effects are only active during their corresponding event.

・Please see notifications regarding the corresponding event

check notifications for the corresponding event.

・Limited time Mirrages and Weapons could appear again.

・Shows status, effects, and bonus points after max enhancement.