Lord of Spirits & Friends

Hints on How to Proceed!

■Make use of Anima Sync!

In this event, Anima Sync's effects greatly increase

Jude, Milla and Elize's parameters!

Make use of Anima Sync to efficiently get through the quest!

■Enemies are weak to light and dark attacks!

The foes that appear in this event are weak against light and dark attacks!

This event's new characters, Milla and Elize,

among others who can use light/dark attacks, are best for this quest!


■Arte Materials Drop too!

Arte Materials will drop during this event quest!

Null Material

Dark Material

Infinite Material

Shadow Material

Anima Orb: Spell (Small/Medium/Large)

Anima Orb: Slash (Small/Medium/Large)

are all obtainable!


■Get the event exclusive ★4 Weapon!

In this event, Milla and Elize's

Event exclusive ★4 Weapons can be acquired!

Obtain them by clearing the quest mission!

  • Rarity: ★4 Arte: Whirling Assault Power: 390
  • Milla Exclusive
A dance-like combination of attacks
  • 498
  • 124
  • 6

◆How to Get◆

•The Lord of Spirits & Friends ~Bylaws of the Pinkists~ Quest Mission

  • Rarity: ★4 Arte:  Dread Wings Power: 805
  • Elize Exclusive
An Arte that attacks enemies with a volley of dark blades
  • 86
  • 536
  • 6

◆How to Get◆

•Lord of Spirits & Friends ~Bylaws of the Pinkists~ Quest Mission

《 Notes 》

・In order to participate, you must clear Chapter 1.

・Shows status, effects, and bonus points after max enhancement.

・You can enter "The Lord of Spirits & Friends ~Bylaws of the Pinkists~ by clearing

    "The Lord of Spirits & Friends" first.

・Characters and Weapons appearing for the first time in this event may appear again.

・During event-exclusive stories, you cannot get AP orbs.

•On this event,

    Pink Diamonds for ★4 Weapons will not drop.