Reid and Farah's Mirrages and Weapons appear exclusively in

Reid and Farah's Guaranteed Ticket Summon now in session!!


Event Period

4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM(PDT) ~ 5/5/2018 (Sat) 0:59 AM(PDT)

In the Reid and Farah Guaranteed Ticket Summon Event,
Reid and Farah's Mirrages and Weapons will appear exclusively!!

Reid's Mirrages and Weapons

Farah's Mirrages and Weapons

Reid and Farah's guaranteed tickets can be acquired
from the "WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys" Summon
as a bonus!

[Mirrage Arte] Stun foes with rapid thrusts,
then bisect them in midair.

[Mirrage Arte] Send foes flying, then pursue them
for follow-up strikes.

《 Notes 》

・This Summon can only be activated with "Reid and Farah's Guaranteed Summon Ticket."
・You can only participate once for each Reid and Farah's Guaranteed Summon Ticket.
・You'll get one of Reid and Farah's Mirrage, ★4 Weapon, or ★3 Weapon from this Summon.
・Items you've already acquired may appear in this summon.
・Limited time Mirrages and Weapons could appear again.
 status and effects after max enhancement.