The event where "Reid" and "Farah" join,

"WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys"

is being held again!!


◆Event Period◆

4/2/2018 (Mon) 1:00 AM(PDT) ~ 5/2/2018 (Wed) 0:59 AM(PDT)




◆Participating Characters◆

◆How to Play◆

・Select "WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys" from "Quests"

・Clear the quest and Reid and Farah will join!

Clear the quest mission or all missions to

    obtain event currency for trading!


        《WHIS Cards》                 《Elite WHIS Cards》

・Collect event currency to exchange for items at the Trading Spot!

    Character enhancement items and Reid and Farah's equipment
    can be obtained from summon tickets available via trading!

◆Event Exclusive Weapons◆

A piercing thrust infused with the power of wind and lightning.

A midair spin kick that releases waves of energy, followed by a dive attack.

《 Notes 》

・In order to participate, you must have cleared Chapter 1.

・Characters and Weapons appearing in this event may appear again.

・During event-exclusive stories, you cannot get AP orbs.

・If you obtained characters or reward Mirrages from this event previously

    you will not be able to obtain additional characters or reward Mirrages from the event again.

・Stories for quests already cleared in the first event will not be replayed.

     You can still view them at any time in the Story Log.

・All quest progress from the first time will be reset.

•Completed quest missions during the first event will

    be reset, so rewards can be obtained again.
・All event currency acquired during first time will be reset.

・Event currency will not drop during quests.


     status and effects after max enhancement.