Lloyd, Colette, Raine, Emil, and Marta's "Mirrages" exclusively appear in the

Viva La Symphonia ☆ Ticket Summon now in session!!


Event Period

3/7/2018 (Wed) 0:00 AM (PST) ~ 3/29/2018 (Thu) 0:59 AM (PDT)

To summon from the Viva La Symphonia ☆ Ticket Summon,
you need a "Viva La Symphonia ☆ Summon Ticket".

※Viva La Symphonia ☆ Summon Tickets can

be obtained by clearing limited time missions.

Mirrages Available From This Summon


[Mirrage Arte] Launch foes into the sky after a series of thrusts.

[Mirrage Arte] Boosts all allies' P. ATK and P. DEF
and recovers HP with the song's power.

[Mirrage Arte] Summon a holy pillar that annihilates foes
with a magic ring of overflowing light.

[Mirrage Arte] A combo that launches
and then ruthlessly batters foes.

[Mirrage Arte] Create spinners of light galore,
using them to relentlessly cut up foes.


《 Notes 》

・This Summon can only be activated with a "Viva La Symphonia ☆ Summon Ticket".

・You can only participate once for each Viva La Symphonia ☆ Summon Ticket.

You'll get one of Lloyd, Colette, Raine, Emil, or Marta's Mirrages from this Summon.

・Items you've already acquired may appear in this summon.

・Event exclusive point bonuses are only effective during their corresponding event.

・Please see notifications regarding the corresponding event

 for a list of Mirrages and Equipment with event exclusive point bonuses.

・Limited time Mirrages could appear again.

・Shows status, effects, and bonus points after max enhancement.

・Please be advised that Zelos' Mirrages that appear in the Exclusive Summon

 will not appear in this Summon.