The newest chapter,  Chapter 13, is finally available!!

Introducing Chapter 13 "A Consequence of Truth and Betrayal" contents and

appearing characters! 


◆Chapter 13 Scheduled Start Time◆

3/7/2018 (Wed) 0:00 AM (PST) ~





◆Participating Characters◆



◆Get new allies from Mirrages!◆

Besides obtaining characters by progressing through the story,

when you summon Mirrages for characters who haven't joined yet,

that character will immediately join your party!!


In addition, when a character officially joins through the story,

you'll be able to view sub-scenarios of various Tales characters!

View sub-scenarios to get "AP Orbs"!

*Go to "Menu" → "Story Log" → "Sub-scenarios"

to view them.


・In order to play Chapter 13,

 you must clear Chapter 12.

・The contents of this notification

 are subject to change without notice.