Senel and Veigue's "Mirrages" and "Equipment" appear exclusively

Senel and Veigue Guaranteed Ticket Summon is now available!


Event Period

From 5/8/2018 (Tue) at 1:00 AM (PDT) ~ 5/25/2018 (Fri) at 0:59 AM (PDT)

In Senel and Veigue's Guaranteed Ticket Summon,
Senel and Veigue's "Mirrages" and "Equipment" appear exclusively!

Senel's Mirrages and Equipment

<Throw Artes>

・Senel's throw arte Avalanche Drop can only be used on

 knocked down enemies at or under a certain weight.
・If you try to use a throw arte on an enemy that isn't knocked down,

 it will not activate and no CC will be consumed.
・You cannot use throw artes on enemies who have already been thrown

 until they return to the idle position.

Veigue's Mirrages and Equipment

In Senel and Veigue's Guaranteed Summon Ticket",
receive "Final Chapter Decisive Battle Summon Kocis Selection" or

"Final Chapter Decisive Battle Summon Karia Selection"
as a bonus!


[Mirrage Arte] Lift the earth up from under the enemy and
toss them back down, pulverizing them into dust


[Mirrage Arte] Cut enemies in two after
freezing them in place with giant icicles


・This Summon can only be activated with a "Senel and Veigue Guaranteed Summon Ticket".
・You can only participate once for each Senel and Veigue Guaranteed Summon Ticket.
・You can get one of Senel and Veigue's
 Mirrages, ★5 Mirrage Weapons, ★4 Equipment, or ★3 Equipment from this Summon.
・Items you've already acquired may appear in this summon.
・Event exclusive point bonuses are only effective during their corresponding event.
・Please see notifications regarding the corresponding event
 for a list of Mirrages and Equipment with event exclusive point bonuses.
・Displayed values are
 status, effects, and bonus points after max enhancement.