Notice Regarding Upcoming Plans

To all "Tales of the Rays" players,

We sincerely thank you for being with us for these 8 months since release.

With gratitude and hope for your continued patronage, we would like to introduce our coming plans.


◆About Ver1.3.0◆

We are planning on releasing Update Ver1.3.0 on April 2nd.
We will introduce the following features.


・New equipment, "Mirrage Weapons" added
                           └We are adding "★5 Mirrage Weapons" as new equipment.
 A character equipped with a compatible Mirrage Weapon who fulfills certain conditions during battle
 will be able to use stronger artes known as "Master Artes".
 Plus, each Mirrage Weapon comes with its own exclusive illustration.

・Ability to "Awaken" characters added*
                                    └Summon Mirrages, or use a set amount of the special item
 "Teardrops of Awakening" to "Awaken" characters.
 ※Characters cannot awaken from reward Mirrages.
 Awakened characters gain the following effects.
 ・Max HP +500

 ・"Sub-Mirrage Slot" unlocked, allowing two types of Mirrages to be equipped.
  The equipped Sub-Mirrage's attributes are added on
      and two types of Mirrage Artes become usable.

 ・Awakened illustrations added (can be used in place of the usual status screen illustrations)


We've also performed other bug fixes and adjustments for ease of play.


All previously released Turtlez Shop and Costume items are now available.


◆Comeback Events◆

4 comeback events will be released in April!

"Mieu's Big Adventure", where "Jade" and "Tear" join


"WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys", where "Reid" and "Farah" join

"The Lord of Spirits & Friends", where "Milla" and "Elize" join

"Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods", where "Mikleo" and "Edna" join


◆Upcoming Comeback Events◆

We will also release 4 new events in May!
Plus, as thanks for your continued patronage, we're making the 10x Summon free!
*Single Summons cannot be selected.

"Tir Na Nog Festival", where "Judas" and "Kongwai" join


"EX-clipse: Live from Ark", where "Sara" joins

"The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Crossover Aim for the Stars", where "Leia" joins

"The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Crossover A Spirited Debut", where "Haruka Amami" joins

"Tir Na Nog Christmas — A Kresnik Christmas Eve", where "Ludger" and "Julius" join


◆Final Chapter Launch◆
We will release the Final Chapter, where "Senel" and "Veigue" join, in May.

We will release the new event, "Shadow Battles" at that time!

There is only a little time left until the end, but we hope you continue to enjoy playing "Tales of the Rays".